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Among the landmarks of Bivongi, located at the feet of Mount Consolino, we find the beautiful basilica of Saint John Theristis.

Dated XI c, it is symbol of normann-byzantine art. Inside we find frescoes dating XIII century. After the restoration, finished in 2002, it is now possible to enjoy the richness of its paintings, frescoes and liturgical furniture.

The rich nature offers to the visitor a magnificent view of the waterfalls of the Marmarcico. The name comes from the old dialectal word marmaricu,meaning ‘slow and heavy’. This is because at a first look the waterfalls look motionless.

They are park of the regional park of the Serre, the waterfalls are the highest of the southern Appenine ( 114 metres) . they  spring from the river Stilaro and the nearby path of the Brigante is a favourite for the trekking lovers.

Photo by Danilo Franco