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Monte Pecoraro
Mount Pecoraro with its 1.423 mtr is the highest peak of the Calabrian Serre, a mountainous area of Calabria with a high density of woods and beautiful landscapes, now called the regional park of the Serre (Mount Covello, Cucco and Mount Pecoraro) that remind the teeth of a saw (in dialect Serra).

The two mountainous chains are divided by the rivers Ancinale and Allaro  and a series of valleys.

They run almost parallel in north-south direction, in the centre of Calabria, one western is 53 km long, the eastern in 37 km circa. These marvellous and luxuriant mountains, are called Gran Serra, Serra San Bruno and Serra of Vibo Valentia, they connect the Sila to the Aspromonte, reaching the highest peaks in the mounts Pecoraro and Crocco (m. 1268).

Important streams go down the valleys, after descending from high peaks, they flow in the Jonian sea, thus creating suggestive waterfalls.

The stream of Stilaro gives birth to the waterfall of Marmarico, the highest in the chain of the SerrE, with an altitude of 90 metres.
The landscape of the Serra is a perfect picture of woods, forests and pastures, mainly those around Serra San Bruno, on the slope of Mount Pecoraro, or the famous woods of Mongiana, Stilo and Ferdinandea, of outstanding naturalistic value.

Geologically all the Serre are mainly of crystalline origin with a rich presence of granite, porphyry, serpentines, quartz diorites etc, with can be seen at every height.

Typical features of this area is the presence of the canyons, mainly in the northern and eastern area.
What characterizes this park is the presence of woods and forests, pasture and Mediterranean  undergrowth