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Soriano Calabro is located in the centre of the valley of Mesima, it hosts the convent of Saint Domenico of Guzmar and the MUMAR – the marble museum of the old convent of Saint Domenico.

The origins of Soriano Calabro are strictly connected to the Dominican convent in 1510, one of the richest in Europe and site of pilgrimages from all parts of Italy, destroyed by the earthquake in 1659 and rebuilt by the monk  Bonaventura Presti.

The convent was destroyed again in 1783 by a new earthquake , the famous earthquake of Reggio and Messina, whose epicentre was in these areas. The convent was eventually rebuilt at the beginning of the XIX century.

What remains of the old convent is the facade of the church, which was declared national monument, the walls and one of the altars of the church.

Other important monuments are the sanctuary of Saint Domenico, in late baroque style built in 1838 on the ruins of the cloister destroyed by the earthquake of 1783, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the church of Saint Martin the Bishop, the church of the Madonna of Mount Carmel and the museum of the marbles of the old convent of Saint Domenico (MUMAR).