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Stilo - Ferdinandea
It was inscribed in the "most beautiful old towns of Italy", it is situated at the feet of Mount Consolino
It has a rich history and its origin go back to Greek time.

Witness of this are the countless monuments that we can still admire today , the best-known is the ‘Cattolica’, a small byzantine church, build with big brick kept together with mortar, the Cattolica was considered the Church-Mother of the five parishes of Stilo.

Also the church of Saint Domenico is attention worthy. It dates XVII century and hosted the sanctuaries of the aristocratic families of Stilo, that used to bury here their families.

The church of Saint Francesco is a marvellous example of late baroque style, dating XVI century.

Inside the visitors can see the icon of the Madonna del Borgo, a wooden altar, frescoes and marble sculpture of the Immaculate, both dating XVIII century.

Photo by Danilo Franco