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Zungri is a town located at 571 metres on the northern cliff of the Poro Plateau.

An important landmark of Zungri is the rocky settlement of the Sbariati, a urban complex of houses carved in the rock dating XII-XIV century, which has an absolute historiographical, anthropological, architectonical, urban and importance.

It is a village spreading on a slope in the area of Fosso Malopera, and occupies a surface of 2900 s.m .

The rocky village is made up of 100 houses carved in stone with one or two rooms  spaces, some even on different levels.

The grotto-houses have a circular, square or rectangular plan. Some have a central hole in the ceiling to allow aeration , other have circular or rectangular windows. The interiors present niches and spaces for beds or furniture.

The structure of the streets is characterized by paths and staircase leading to the houses.