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  • Pizzo
    Pizzo is known for its beautiful beaches, but also for its castle, built by Ferdinand I of Aragon in the second half of XV century.
  • Serra San Bruno
    Serra San Bruno is a little town in the province of Vibo Valentia, characterized by an unusual rich vegetation. Here one can find cold woods of beeches and white fir trees, typical of areas with altitudes different from those of Serra (800 metres).
  • Bivongi
    Among the landmarks of Bivongi, located at the feet of Mount Consolino, we find the beautiful basilica of Saint John Theristis.
  • Tropea
    Tropea is mainly known for being one of the most attractive sea towns , but it is less known for its history.
  • Stilo - Ferdinandea
    It was inscribed in the "most beautiful old towns of Italy", it is situated at the feet of Mount Consolino
    It has a rich history and its origin go back to Greek time.
  • Monte Pecoraro
    Mount Pecoraro with its 1.423 mtr is the highest peak of the Calabrian Serre, a mountainous area of Calabria with a high density of woods and beautiful landscapes.
  • Nardodipace
    Nardodipace is in the province of Vibo Valentia on the south-eastern border of the Calabrian Serra, on the Jonian coast.
  • Pazzano
    Pazzano is a small town in the valley of Stilaro between Mount Consolino and Mount Mammicomito, in the Bourbon period it was one of the most important iron mining centre in south Italy.
  • Riserva Statale Marchesale
    La Riserva Statale Marchesale, is a very important naturalistic site, visitors can reach it from the Mongiana-Laureana provincial road from Borrello.
  • Roccella Jonica
    Roccella Jonica on the Gelsomini coast was probably founded on the greek town of Amfissa.
  • Soriano
    Soriano Calabro is located in the centre of the valley of Mesima, it hosts the convent of Saint Domenico of Guzmar and the MUMAR – the marble museum of the old convent of Saint Domenico.
  • Zungri
    Zungri is a town located at 571 metres on the northern cliff of the Poro Plateau.